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    10, 2010 2:13 am

XP Vista Windows 7

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Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2003

Windows 7

Seven Transformation Pack


Seven Transformation Pack 4.0

Seven Transformation Pack will transform interface systems Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 to Windows 7 interface and simulate some features of this new operating system. You do not need to put the money to buy Windows 7 or any application company 3rd else to experience Windows 7 interface. Packet switch interface will help you complete the voluntary Suichang free!

The program will update Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 with Windows Seven graphical interface by adding some themes and delivery di65n replace the system files. Seven Transformation Pack gives your system looks fresh new operating system from Microsoft: Windows 7. Interface package convert almost all symbol systems, the interface and toolbars, as well as add more new features to enhance your desktop.

Seven Transformation Pack can change the following components

* Boot Screen
* Welcome screen / login
* Msstyles files (visual styles) New
* The desktop icon and file new
* The new toolbar icons
* Dialog process
* The sound of topics
* System tray icon
* The new wallpapers
* Some common features in Windows 7
* And much more ...

Changes in version 4.0

* Add: 'Windows 7' visual style for Windows Vista (giannisgx89)
* Add: Support for local language with some words fix (You can edit vilang.sif program to show in another language. However, this feature can not function on the table IME code unicode charset)
* Add: edit multiple files on the system than Windows Vista

o The components Shell (Start Menu, Explorer)
o Animations on boot
o The system tray icon

* Add: editing uxtheme.dll to enable customized interface on Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista (x86/x64)
* Add: warning choice of installation files for Windows users to use common but curious to know.
* Add: Support for editing the system files on Windows x64 (request. NET Framework 2.0 or higher)
* Fixed: conflict with a 3rd party application during the boot configuration file
* Fixed: boot screen not be changed on some operating systems
* Fixed: check for key items folder before storing files in local directory vtp.sif (CD, intranet ,...)
* Bugfix: exit the application when the modified uxtheme.dll detect the operating system does not support function rather than destroy modify uxtheme.dll
* Fixed: installation executable file not deleted when removed
* Fixed: the program does not load the default configuration when vtp.sif not present
* Fixed: 'Sevenlize basic desktop theme components' in Personalization not use the default visual style is not selected.
* Fixed: some dialogs to inform interrupted the installation process automatically
* Fixed: configure interface themes without installing WindowBlinds
* Fixed: the bug compatible with the established position of the tool on Windows Vista Rainbar Vista/x64
* Fixed: Vista Rainbar not delete the settings are not activated when installed in the Personalization dialog box
* Fixed: error in identifying the interface WindowBlinds Welcome Center
* Exclusion: TrueTransparency from a list of all applications kho6ngan but is blocked when Windows Aero
* Exclusion: Option key safety profile can cause harm by the system is now set up an application does not anymore.
* Update: multilingual support in the logon screen and separate file systems to modify the system files
* Update: Service Pack check with the Windows x64 RTM and not
* Update: check the file system to perform tasks less than the file copy
* Update: TrueTransparency to version 1.3 with support for x64 and translucent effects
* Update: ViGlance to version 1.0 build 1210 (This error saving programs associated fixed)
ViStart update to version 2.0 build 3686
o Supplemental: user interface Windows 7 (Windows version of X ')

o Supplemental: Windows 7 Orb
o Supplemental: Layout.xml to customize interface
o Supplemental: backward compatible with the interface ViStart 6
o Supplemental: set the language for the Greek Language Changer
o Fixed: The components are often cultivated in the same Windows 7 more
o Fixed: Explorer hangs randomly
o Fixed: Start button sometimes hangs
o Fixed: The game or application to run full screen makes the city ViStart not activated at
o Bugfix: ViStart sometimes disappear
o Fixed: bug Taskbar disappeared
o Fixed: Error block keystrokes Win
o Fixed: Interactions with ViGlance
o Fixed: Error installing new programs (Start Menu ex)
o Fixed: Error with drifting objects and double screen
o Fixed: support 64bit
o Fixed: Changing the focus slow activation textbox
o Fixed: enable faster speed of about 9 times
o Bugfix: font / text is not showing the right Start Menu
o Bugfix: when the mouse on the image menu and Power programs are often used drums
o Fixed: The new object does not appear to use the Windows Vista and Windows 7
o Fixed: Menu objects recent feedback faster (October 26, 2009)
o Bugfix: fully support Windows 7 x64/x86
o Fixed: Menu objects recently Ooi slow response / hangs on Vista and 7
o Fixed: Error image does not exist
o Bugfix: ViStart not load images in the Windows Vista users
o Bugfix: Dialog marked cleaning programs commonly used sometimes do not work
* Update: Windows Seven visual style
o Logoff on the Start button
o Image background and font color menu group Taskbar
o scroll bar Taskbar
o Change the size Taskbar
* Update: Windows startup sound for sound instead of sound imageres.dll default

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ll 7TP llv4.0 ll Size 26 MB ll Servers 10 ll


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: 05/06/2008

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